Wheatgrass and health

Wheatgrass as a wellness-product

Trendy wheatgrass is said to be a fountain of youth and essence of fitness.
It contains more than a hundred of natural vital substances which can hardly be found so highly concentrated in any other plant known.

Ancient Chinese appreciated wheatgrass juice as a cure. Its vivid emerald green contains enzymes and chlorophyll in high concentrations.

These substances are said to liberate regenerative energy in human bodies.

Wheatgrass juice is a real powerdrink, but enjoying it fresh means great effort gaining it.
It is highly active chemically, and thus unstable. Therefore wheatgrass juice must be harvested fresh and immediately sqeezed in a special juicer.

For your commodity Waltermuehle has developped different wheatgrass products:
  • Wheatgrass powder to be stirred in yoghurt or drinks ,
  • Wheatgrass capsules
  • and products whith added value optimized for certain physiological areas like Active-, Immuno-, and Vital-Capsules.

How and when do we obtain wheatgrass juice?
Wheatgrass juice is pressed of wheat plants. This happens in the moment when the growth is at its highest activity approximately 3-6 weeks after seeding.

At this moment they are charged with energy and all nutrients that the growing young plant needs.
In contradiction to the corn it contains the nutrients in a soluble form because the metabolism is working on a high level .

There is also another advantage of the freshly harvested wheatgrass:
due to the short period of growth it is not necessary to use any fertilizer or herbicides, therefore it is organically grown.

Does wheatgrass act lowering your cholesterol-level?

What makes wheatgrass juice and other wheatgrass products so precious?

It contains a very high amount of chlorophyll which is said to be 'concentrated sunlight'.

This chlorophyll
  • supports oxygen-supply of the cells and helps enhancing the immune-system
  • can bind detrimental substances deposited in the colon
  • may help in detoxicating the body
  • can bind remove heavy metal ions from the colon
  • can protect from free radicals
  • supports healing of small injuries
  • can improve physical performance
  • may positively influence intestinal actions.
Latest investigations by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, USA, show that chlorophyll and one of its derivatives called chlorophyllin act antimutagenious, antigenotoxic, and anticancerogenious.

Preliminary tests at Waltermuehle show evidence of lowering cholesterol-level.
Physicians found that patients showed lower cholesterol-levels after intake of wheatgrass capsules for two months at the same nutrinional conditions otherwise.

Nutrition-scientist Jutta Heringer said: "We suggest influence on the cholesterol-level by secondary metabolites and indigestible fibre in the wheatgrass capsules!"

To verify first results as well as other effects there was a study performed at Karlsruhe University in cooperation with "Bundesforschungsanstalt für Ernährung" (Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food).

Try our food supplements based on wheatgrass for a two month introduction and have your cholesterol-level measured before and after.

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