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Wheatgrass bread and wheatgrass rolls

Wheatgrass bread and rolls contain a high amount of the natural ingredients from wheatgrassjuice. Namely there are minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, secondary metabolites as well as natural chlorophyll driving the plants powerstations.
The characteristical properties of wheatgrass cause well being and offer the additional daily PLUS to all health-conscious consumers.

Your benefits . . .

. . . better dough handling
  • technological effects caused by natural enzymes from wheatgrass
  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Machineable doughs in spite of higher water absorption
  • Wheatgrass enhances natural bread flavour
  • Topping it off
  • Contains no food additives (no E-numbers)
  • Strong gluten network improves proof stability
  • constantly high loaf volume
  • Easy to use with frozen doughs
. . . better sales
  • Meets the trend
  • High amounts of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and secondary metabolites will improve vitality and well being.
  • Fills consumers demands for a healthy nutrition.
  • Ideal for all that wish to eat more healthy food.
  • Cares for satisfied customers.


The special things
  • High-quality products as completion of your portfolio
  • Differentiation by extraordinaryly shaped products
  • Attractive goods act as eye-catchers for your customers
  • Can be used in your own recipes
  • Available as premix or concentrate
  • Trainig materials, posters, and flyers can effectively support your sales activities
Further information about the specific effects of wheatgrass can be found here:

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