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High-protein concentrate

Improver based on nature

High-protein concentrate is said to be an insider tipp among big bakers.
As written in issue 3/2002 of German bakers magazine "Brot und Backwaren" it is due to the new technology of fluid bed-agglomeration that causes the numerous positive properties of our concentrate.

We performed a survey among the users of our high-protein concentrate. This proved that especially the occurance of several characteristical properties leads to easy processing and to top quality baked goods compared to ordinary improvers.

Your benefit . . .

. . . assists you in easy processing
  • Technologically effective by high doses of natural enzymes
  • Machineable doughs together with high water absorption
  • Strong gluten network improves proof stability
  • Easy to use with frozen doughs
  • Useful as well with manual shaping, with automated processing, and in frozen doughs
  • Improved water binding and cristallization in frozen doughs
  • Due to more elastic dough croissants without further improvers do not rip at the coiled edges
  • Easy to dose due to granulation


. . . attracive offer induces rise in turnover

  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Constantly high loaf volume
  • Improved results with fine pastry, biscuits, and pizzas
  • Meets the trend to natural healthy products

The very specials

  • No "E-numbers"
  • Cost-lowering due to reduced use of materials
  • No declaration necessary
  • Available as high-protein flour and concentrate
information in english
Article in "Brot und Backwaren" 3/2002 (PDF-file in German)

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