Food supplement - all natural

Pure Wheatgrass products

Wellness for your body
Use the vitamins, the enzymes, the secondary phytal metabolites, and all the other vivid compounds of the young and vital cereal grass for your dayly additional "PLUS" of vitality.

Cereal grass is one of those plants on earth that show off the highest concentration of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, and chlorophyll compared to all other plants at the certain time in their life cycle just before the stem starts shooting up.

Wheatgrass-powder / Wheatgrass-capsules

containing all essential vital substances for your body
  • act as anti-acidulant
  • high amount of bio-available proteine
  • high amount of indigestible fibre
  • many secondary phytal metabolites

Speltgrass-powder / Speltgrass-capsules

Available on request only at the time being


Uptake recommendation

One teaspoon into your yoghurt, muesli, or a glass of water or juice two times per day is sufficient, alternatively you may take two or three capsules with your meals two times per day.
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